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ZNet Toons

One of ZNet's most amazing facilities, cartoonists are uploading their original artwork daily.  

ZNet Toons

Museums Online

The Museum of Modern Art -- An elegantly designed site with superb reproduction of images and objects. But there are only a relative handful of works available online from MOMA's vast collections.

Political Art

Critical Eye -- Site with some original, critical artwork.  Not ZNet's perspective exactly, but worth a look

Adbusters -- The clever art you have come to expect from adbusters

Other Art Links

World Wide Art Resources -- One of the most comprehensive fine arts sites on the Web. In addition to links to almost 1,000 museums on the Web worldwide, there's links to art publications, galleries, art schools and children's resources

artnetweb -- An online arts newsletter. Very funky. Information about shows and exhibits, news about artists. Can also view images of independent artists. Includes audio interviews and updates on projects.

The Incredible Art Department -- Art and design news, gossip, cartoons, site-of-the-week.


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ZNet Creative

ZNet has an interactive facility where ZNet users submit poetry, short fiction, and song lyrics.  Take a look at what ZNet's own users have been producing.

ZNet Creative 

ZNet Reviews

Another interactive facility, ZNet users can submit reviews of books, movies, albums and more.  Read the reviews, and upload your own!

ZNet Reviews Facility

Political Writers

Some of ZNet's contributors, like Lydia Sargent and Howard Zinn, are playwrights.  Others, like Arundhati Roy and Tariq Ali, are novelists.  Here are some sites dedicated to writers of fiction with a political bent, both ZNet contributors and others.

Arundhati Roy fan site - A fan in the UK has compiled interviews and articles by Roy

Howard Zinn fan site - Howard Zinn is a historian and a playwright

Tariq Ali's 'Saladin' - Tariq Ali has written many novels.  Here is Verso Press's description of one...

Eduardo Galeano - (espanol) Galeano is an incredible writer and we try to translate and reproduce as much of his writing as we can.

Gabriel Garcia Marquez - Another extraordinary writer, Garcia Marquez is from Colombia

Jose Saramago - A great Portuguese writer, Nobel Laureate, and supporter of social movements

Leslie Marmon Silko - Laguna Puebla Indigenous writer, author of "Ceremony", she's not a ZNet contributer, but she is an excellent writer

Sandra Cisneros - Chicana author of 'House on Mango Street'

Alice Walker - Black lesbian novelist, author of 'The Color Purple', pulitzer prize winner

James Baldwin - died in 1987, but if he were alive, we would be doing everything we could to publish his work on ZNet!

Toni Morrison - A fan site dedicated to this extraordinary Black woman Nobel laureate and Pulitzer prize Winner


NativeLit-L -- A very comprehensive site. Includes short stories, poetry and native narratives. Also has historic writing from a variety of sources. Includes links to reviews and speeches.

Black Cultural Studies Web Site-- Just getting started, this is already one of the better sites on black cultural studies. Right now it features biographical information and bibliographies about modern African American scholars and writers.

Writing Black --Mostly biographical and bibliographical information about major African American writers.

Voices in the Gaps -- Women of Color writers

A Celebration of Women Writers -- A site-in-progress, there are links to some full-length works, biographical information and bibliographies.

Room of One’s Own --Original, unpublished poetry, short fiction, creative documentary and book reviews from women writers. Submissions are reviewed and selected by a panel of readers.

For More Links

Banned Books On-Line -- A brief history of the major books banned or censored over the past 300 years in Europe and the United States. Also has excerpts from Herbert Foerstel’s book, "Banned in the USA."

The English Server at Carnegie Mellon University-- The grand-daddy of humanities indexes. This index has been up since 1990 - you can now search over 15,000 texts covering a wide range of subjects. There are also two journals at this site: Bad Subjects, which discusses current progressive issues and Cultronix, a journal of contemporary art and cultural theory.

Classics Archive Search -- Search for selections of works by over 30 classical authors, from Aeschylus to Virgil.

Poet’s Corner -- Hundreds of American and English poets represented. A decent selection for most of the major poets (apparently copyright law restricts the site from offering more complete selections). Longer works just have excepts. Well-designed, and easy to search.

The Literary Calendar -- Literary events for every day of the year. This site is a lot of fun.

Yahoo! - Literature -- One of the better literature search engines on the Web. Includes the standard information on authors and libraries, but also has links to writing and storytelling sites, reviews, criticism and theory, and more.

Books in Chains -- Despite its title, this site is not principally about censorship. But it’s one of the better surveys of the various Web literature resources, from libraries to indexes.

Author’s Search --You can search for thousands of authors at this site. The full text of many works is available online, through links with a variety of libraries.

Shakespeare -- Search all of Shakespeare's tragedies, histories, comedies and poetry.

Emily Dickinson -- This site has over 440 of Dickinson’s poems online, plus some biographical and reference material and links to other sites.

Note: These links do not imply endorsement or affiliation.

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