Sweden - Suppressed or Restricted Information

      Sweden, like other Scandinavian countries, is a bourgeois democratic country, and has long had wider freedoms of speech and of the press than a great many countries in the world. Nevertheless, the media is almost entirely owned and controlled by the capitalist class, and, for this reason, information about people’s struggles and revolutionary groups is still generally difficult to find. Even information which is not legally suppressed can still be mostly suppressed via the normal functioning of the capitalist economic system.

      We at BANNEDTHOUGHT.NET oppose the suppression of news and information whether it is done through force or through economics. There can be no true democracy or freedom where only the ideas acceptable to the exploiting ruling class are allowed to reach the people. On this site we will do what we can to make available news and documents which are mostly unknown to the people of Sweden and the rest of the world.

      Some of the documents below, along with much of the information about various political groups, was provided to us by Swedish friends of Many thanks to them!

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Current Revolutionary Parties and Organizations:

Kommunistiska Arbetarföreningen   [“The Communist Workers’ Union”]

Older and Defunct Political Groups:

Kommunistiska Förbundet Marxist-Leninisterna [abbrieviated: KFML]   [“Communist League Marxists Leninists”]   (1967-1973)
      [Founded in 1967 as a split from the established revisionist party (VPK, now referred to as V), together with other small ML groups. In 1973 they formed the SKP (see below).]

Sveriges Kommunistiska Parti [abbrieviated: SKP]   [“Sweden’s Communist Party”]   (1973-1986/1990)
      [This party was very influential in the Swedish left during the 70’s, especially in the Vietnam/Indochina Solidarity movement, where it had a leading role,
      but in the late 70’s it degenerated quickly, after revisionists seized control of the party and destroyed the internal democracy. In 1986 they swore off
      communism altogether and changed names to “Solidaritetspartiet” (Solidarity Party), and in 1990 the party was dissolved. —Info from a friend of BT]

Sveriges Kommunistiska Arbetarparti [abbrieviated: SKA]   [“Sweden’s Communist Worker’s Party”]   (1980-1993)
      [Formed in 1980 by the forces of the left line which split from SKP that year. Was originally named Sveriges Kommunistiska Parti (Marxist-Leninisterna),
      abbrieviated as SKP(m-l), but changed their name in 1982. Unfortunately this party remained small, and eventually dissolved in 1993. However, a direct
      successor blog, Nya Arbetartidningen, officially updated to 2014, is actually still being updated at times. These comrades work in KAF nowadays.]

Other Materials: