Volume 7, No. 3, March. 2006


Red Salutes to heroic Martyr Com. Ravi (Naemuddin)

Comrade Ravi (alias Naemuddin) was martyred on Dec.28 2005 at the hands of the cruel police and paramilitary after being brutally tortured. At the young age of 35 he braved martyrdom as secretary of the UP-Uttar Bihar-Uttarkhand Special Area Committee {3U-SAC).
In the month of December Com Ravi was in the Tirhut and Patahi region of East Champaran District of Nrth Bihar, taking mass meetings of the oppressed of the area. On the day of dec.28, com. Ravi, accompanied by a detachment of the PLGA, were resting in Batona village when the police and paramilitary launched a massive attack. They fired thousands of rounds with automatic-weapons and mortars after encircling the entire village. The PLGA fought back heroically injuring two jawans. The battle went on for one-and-a-half hours and as darkness came they were able to break through the cordon and retreat to safety. But, com Ravi was injured in the battle and could not accompany his comrades. He was arrested, taken to the polices station, brutally tortured and then murdered in cold blood.
First the police gave false reports that that six were killed and then they said four Maoists. They then said that a Nepali Maoist had been killed. But these were all false. The martyred comrade was none other than Com. Ravi of Mohamedda village. He was from a poor peasant background and has studied till graduation. His village was dominated by upper-caste landlords. While organising the oppressed he had to struggle against enormous social, religious and casteist humiliation. While organising the poor the landlords tried to give the struggle a communal character. But in their conspiracy they totally failed and he successfully in building a solid class unity of all the oppressed.
A statement issued by com. Vijay, a spokeperson of the 3U-SAC, of the CPI(Maoist)said “He was born in a poor peasant family. He was 35 and had studied till graduation. He joined the Party in 1997. He mobilised the poor for higher wages in a revolutionary way, fighting all forms of economism and legalism. Landlords tried to kill him on many occasions. Just then our Party entered his village. He aligned with the Party and became a Marxist. He started by being a member of an activist group. With his dedication and conviction he slowly grew to be a Sac member and then after the unity became the SAC secretary. On the very next day of his murder the police took away a number of youth — both male and female — and brutally tortured them. The girls were also subjected to filthy abuse and sexual harassment. We strongly condemn the brutal murder of com. Ravi and the torture and harassment of the villagers. We call on the masses to wipe their tears and intensify the people’s war to avenge the death of our beloved comrade”.
Com Ravi struck terror in the hearts of the oppressors due to his uncompromising stand in the class struggle. So panic-stricken were they that in June 2005 itself they falsely spread the rumour of his death. The entire masses mourn his death saddened that they have lost a heroic and selfless fighter of the oppressed. But they have turned sadness into a burning fire against the monstrous forces that terrorise and ruthlessly exploit the oppressed of this country.



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