Press Statement:   Feb. 10, 2006

Message from the CC(P), CPI(Maoist) On the Occasion of the
10th Anniversary of the Initiation of People’s War in Nepal

On behalf of the CC(P), the entire Party rank-and-file, the PLGA, the organs of people’s power, the varied mass organisations and the revolutionary masses of India we send heartfelt revolutionary greetings to the CPN (Maoist), PLA, URPCs in the Base Areas and the people of Nepal on the occasion of the 10th Anniversary of initiation of People’s War in Nepal. The victories achieved in this decade of struggle have been a great inspiration to our Party and the oppressed masses of the people of India.

In this short time the revolutionary masses of Nepal under the leadership of the CPN(Maoist) have been able to develop a strong party, powerful people’s army and a United Front that governs vast areas of the country in the Base Areas set up. They have successfully been able to isolate the hated monarchy and have liberated vast parts of the countryside. They have taken the people’s war from the stage of strategic defence to that of strategic offence in this short period of time. It is no doubt a historic advance which inspires not only the revolutionary people of India but that of the entire world. They have helped create a new hope in the communist movement after the setback in the Soviet Union and China throughout the world beckoning a new wave of revolutionary struggles in the world.

As a fraternal Party from a neighbouring country, and that too a big country where the ruling classes have adopted expansionist designs to rob, loot, interfere and control that country and people, we assure the Nepalese people we will not rest until we end such interference in the internal affairs of a small neighbouring country. We strongly condemn the Indian rulers for arming the RNA [Royal Nepal Army] to suppress the people’s movement. We call for the scrapping of all unequal treaties with Nepal and the removal of all Indian comprador business interests from Nepal. We are for building good neighbourly relations between the two countries on the basis of total equality, no matter what the size of the countries may be — based on the five principles of peaceful co-existence. Also, in the spirit of proletarian internationalism we lend full support to the ongoing people’s movement in Nepal; and call on the people of the entire world to help in all ways to make the Nepal revolution a success.

The people of Nepal and India have long and deep cultural, social, economic and political relations. The two Maoist parties are further bound by a common ideological basis of the world proletariat, i.e., Marxism-Leninism-Maoism and a common goal, i.e., establishment of socialism and communism on the entire world. Both are fired by the spirit of proletarian internationalism. There is therefore no force that can break this strong unity that is developing in the course of the class struggle in our respective countries. We shall build solid bonds of unity against imperialism and Indian expansionism. We shall always stand by revolutionary people of Nepal in their time of need and will vehemently oppose any form of intervention by the Indian rulers or imperialists against the revolutionary movement of Nepal. We will give whatever support necessary to safeguard the great victories of the Nepalese revolution.

Once again on the occasion of the 10th anniversary of the initiation of the people’s war in Nepal we send our warmest revolutionary greetings to the CPN(Maoist), PLA, URPCs at various level in all the Base Areas and the revolutionary masses. We also pay our sincere homage to the thousands of heroic fighters and commanders of PLA, the members and leaders of CPN(Maoist) and people who have given their precious lives for the liberation of their country and for the great cause of establishment of Socialism-Communism in the entire human society.

General Secretary
Communist Party of India (Maoist)
Feb. 10, 2006

[From People’s March, Volume 7, No. 4, April 2006.]